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As mentioned in the previous article, the school, the teachers, the workplace or any other institution is going to be very slow in dealing with bullying at school or the workplace. This is why, if you think that you are being bullied, you need to make yourself more bully proof.

Start with getting yourself stronger and healthier. I know that this is difficult if you are chronically under or over weight, sick or have some kind of condition that impedes your progress.

Most bullied young people usually get a hard time at home. Their parents are either over-bearing, critical, angry about something most of the time or just not there. Often the adults are still trying to resolve their own emotional problems and it really is hard if they are alcoholics, addicts and/or bully and tease you at home. (When I reached 17, I became physically strong enough to warn my mother to never hit me again. My aunt and other relatives stayed clear as well.)

Getting stronger will be difficult at first. Bullies will attempt to interfere with your progress. (I know this from experience). They often want to keep you “in your place.”

This is why it is best to make a plan and train in private.

Along with exercise, eat fresh foods as much as you can. This means HIGH PROTEIN, fresh vegetables and water. Not your junk, breakfast cereals, pop, candy and pastries. Even if you are dirt poor, you can still eat healthy with oats, vegetables, rice and eggs. Eat food as fresh as you can. Learning to cook your own food will improve your health, confidence and ability to concentrate.

I have seen underweight or overweight teens (and adults) who are too lazy to take 20 minutes to make something healthy to eat. Learning to cook is not only healthy for you, but it is a great skill to use to save money and entertain friends. Skill is something that cannot be bought, sold or lost. So, take the time to learn how to cook.

Along with exercise and good food, you have to get eight hours of sleep per night. Turn off the computer and television. Better yet, lock it up after 6 p.m. This is very important as my biggest strength gains happened when I was sleeping an extra 30 minutes a day and sometimes napping in the afternoon. I also avoided drinking and junk food.

If you have to, save your lunch or Starbuck’s coffee money and get training. Even if you have a part-time job, train for at least a couple of hours per week.

Within two months, you will get stronger. Train, eat, sleep will be your priorities for 60 days. As you get stronger, the bullies will try to “put you in your place.” Ignore it. Keep busy with part-time work, studies or hobbies… and training. They will start to back off. After six months, you will probably be able to take apart some of them and they will know it.

Start to approach them one at a time and watch them back off. It is here that you have to keep improving yourself. Trust me, I know that it is hard and you may not have any support at home. Just keep working. The results are worth it.

In the next article, we will discuss training.

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