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There is this magical moment that every teenager dreams of: moving out. And when you think about moving out, as a teenage girl, you think about all the cool ways in which you can decorate your apartment. Well, I had the same dream and it recently came true. Moving out in my apartment meant I got to display all the things I collected throughout the years and set them up to showcase them all. In the past years, as I started traveling more, I started a random collection of glasses. Usually, the glasses I liked were weird, or interesting or gotten while traveling. And with this collection came another dream, I wanted to have no matching glasses in my house. I needed to find as many unique glasses as I could to build up this dream. And I did.

It all started when I visited the old house of my friend’s grandma. She had this cabinet full of interesting glass pieces, and I saw a tiny orange glass that to me looked like a light bulb. She had more than 10 of these glasses so I asked if I could take one, as I was deeply fascinated by it. Don’t ask me why, it was just a spur of the moment thing. She agreed so that started my newly found interest in weird glasses.

After I got that one, I started checking out the home section of flea markets and thrift shops, and I realized that there are so many interesting glasses that you can buy for so cheap. I was getting at least one whenever I visited these sections and I even had my favorite places for glasses. When I moved into a shared house, I think my collection was at about 15 glasses. Some of them from thrift shops, and some of them bought in different countries that I visited. It’s important to mention that these were not shot glasses, or any kind of branded ones. All of them were simple, sometimes made out of colored glass, but with a weird shape.

I continued this collection and when I moved by myself, I realized that I have enough glasses, and enough styles for any guests or occasions. So now, in my apartment, if anyone visits, the first thing that I tell them is that I have a collection of glasses that are from different places and that hold different stories. I also love pairing a glass with the person who visits and I use it as a conversation starter.

I think the next step to my collection is to add some more cultural pieces. The most wanted one for me now is an Irish glass, as I want to visit Ireland this year. I found some online options that are easier to get, as traveling with a glass is not really ideal: I’m also interested in some Irish flea markets, so while I’m there I’ll check those options as well. For me, this makes every trip a little treasure hunt to find the perfect glass for my collection.