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So, you return to high school into grade 9 or 10. You are almost into adulthood and close to being finished with this school prison. It is also where a majority of physical bullying takes place, especially to low-income teens from single parent families.

After your summer break, you, as a bully’s target, might find out that most of the bullies have undergone growth spurts. While, you, my friend have not.

If you had been following the previous advice in the other lessons, you will have, at least, improved your health, strength and stamina. This applies to the gals, as well as the guys. Your status with the general teen population will almost always increase with your physical abilities. The smart, strong, attractive girl or smart, strong guy is usually in a better position to deal with bullies than their weaker counterparts.

Regardless how much stronger you have gotten, everyone wants to re-establish the school “pecking order” for the rest of the school year. That is, certain people want to “put you in your place” and keep you there.

This is why the first couple of weeks is essential for not getting bullied. I know when I was training all summer and came back to school at with about four extra pounds of muscle, I made a point of not falling back into that being pushed around routine. It was hard to break old habits and I had to back down when outnumbered and out muscled.

This is where the confrontational skills come in.

  1. If a punk makes an insult, you can do an eye roll their way or make a funny remark.
  2. If a group makes an insult or tries to bully you just look at them blankly, then corner one of them later. And casually ask what was up? Watch the reaction. It will usually be a bit of a tough guy act or a fast “hey just joking” remark.
  3. Look at people without staring them down. This can be done with by throwing your eyes out of focus or looking at their foreheads. This is like avoiding a dog. You watch it without starring at it.
  4. If you think that you can handle a bully (male or female) and they are insulting you, invade their space. Get right up close and personal. This takes the fight right out of some people. Especially if it is done suddenly. (Eg. “I’m sorry, I don’t think I quite heard you right. Could you please explain that?”)
  5. Lastly, of course, is the actual defending oneself. This is where you have to push or strike back if someone grabs, shoves, pushes, hits or attempts to hit. It is better to get sent to the office or take a bit of a beating than to be harassed and picked on for the rest of the year.

Acting a little more aggressive will probably draw more attention to yourself, at first. But, then, at least some of the bullies will back off or think twice before bothering you. They will probably step it up when they feel safer in greater numbers. In which case, stay alert.

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