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The Nanny State approach to stop people from being bullied is a dismal failure. Bullies are able to run free without accountability and schools are being held legally liable. (Yes, schools are being sued over students being bullied.)

The bullying problem usually starts at home. You only have to watch some of the children’s sports to watch how the parents threaten and disrespect sports officials, such as hockey games. These same parents bully their kids if their kids perform poorly. The kids, in turn take their anger out on children whom they can bully.

When I was in high school, I recall the school vice principal talking excitedly about a “good hockey fight” during the high school hockey games. Yet, I got sent to the school office trying to defend myself against a classroom bully. Even then, the school was fine with fights occurring off of the school grounds. Then came a change in culture due to the imported gangster mentality, lower morales and the narcissistic attitudes where swarming and open use of weapons and drugs was acceptable.

The mass-murdering school shooter is NOT a bullied child (or a Goth). In the Columbine shooting, the leader, Eric Harris came from an upper class family, with a retired major for a father. Harris plotted to kill people a year before the attack.

It is often the bully themselves who want to step up their show of power. Bully shooters will tend to not shoot other bullies.

Single parent families are the norm nowadays with a lack of father or authority figures in many children’s lives. Certain codes of conduct have gone by the wayside with teachers, religious leaders, politicians and even some law enforcement. So, where do young people go for protection if their parent or parents are tired from work or too involved with their own activities? Or the teachers who are busy with their own weird agendas (eg. workshops for cross-dressing).

“Zero-tolerance” for violence in schools just gives the bullies more freedom. The good students abide by the rules, while the bullies have a hey day. I know of a martial artist whose teenaged son was punched by a school bully in the school hallway. Rather than defend himself, the teen obeyed the school rules of putting his hands behind his back and walking away. The bully was allowed to walk around a punch other students with no fear of accountability.

Pink shirt day is another useless attempt to control the problem. Public figures like to make a huge production out of making speeches and showing off a pink shirt to show their support. When, it does not solve the problem.

Self-protection starts with the individual. They need to like, respect and believe in themselves. Fitness and self-defence is a good start as it gives the individual the confidence to do other things rather than be afraid most of the time.

Fortunately, it is a simple process and worth every minute of it.

To start, you have to decide on training, eating and sleeping differently. For the next two months, you have to treat yourself like an athlete. See part two for how to do this.

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