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From the beginning of his career, his work has been centered on educational research and development from the very first days of the child’s life . His basic beliefs were that to develop an effective pedagogy it is necessary to apply a scientific approach, that is, doing experiments, observing the child and his reactions in the field. It is thanks to this scientific approach that he created his work. In short , education was supposed to be challenging for the children. He made it possible to learn to read, write and count, to discover the laws that governed the world. He taught them discipline, reflection, but also to work, concentrate, respect and strengthen their attitudes wooden baby walkers.

Human potential: a new perspective on the child from the first months of life

Maria Montessori revolutionized education with her new vision of newborn babies, to which no one before her had already attributed a potential for knowledge and aptitudes. Instead, she understands that from birth, the child will build her personality and develop human qualities thanks to a natural impulse that arises from her own tendencies . Human tendencies correspond to the impulses that will lead to individual behaviors. These manifest themselves in different ways during the various stages of a child’s development.

The main human tendencies are action, orientation, exploration, order, work, imagination, repetition and finally communication.

The child will develop them from birth, because he has in him “this human potential” in which everything is organized in the child and from which his little being unfolds.

Another concept that constitutes Montessori’s pedagogy is in fact that of the ” absorbing mind “. Indeed, young children are endowed with a so-called absorbent mind, because they absorb all the stimuli of the surrounding environment just like a sponge.

During the first six years of his life, the child will unconsciously absorb all the impressions received from his environment, but also all that is necessary to adapt to it in an inclusive way, such as language or movement.

Ecological games: features, advantages and materials

Ecological  games , represent a growing niche within a sector that is worth, every year, about 1 billion and 600 million euros (2018 data, Kids Marketing Days). In the production and sale of toys in our country, plastic is still one of the most used materials, with all the consequences that this entails on an environmental level. Choosing to buy ecological games for our girls and for our children means making a choice of sustainability and respect for the environment.


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