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This year, we officially celebrate the love for our fathers on the third Sunday of June and while some prefer to host crowded parties in the backyard, others like to spend the day with their families in a private environment. This year, this event will be celebrated on June 19th, and if you haven’t started to look for presents for your dad, it is time to do so. If your father is Irish, you can honor this day with authentic and traditional Irish presents that would either remind him of his home and culture.

A tree in Ireland

If your father emigrated from his homeland many years ago and you are now part of the Irish diaspora, planting a tree in Ireland would make a thoughtful way of connecting to your ancestors. There are plenty of Ireland-based companies that offer such services and even some celebrities have planted their own trees. You can usually choose to plant up to 10 trees and you will get mailed a certificate (framed or unframed, it’s up to you) that would prove the fact that these were put there in your name or the name of the receiver of the gift certificate. Plus, such a gift is more than a connection to your Irish heritage: it is also an amazing way of preserving the nature of the country.

An Aran sweater

Every Irishman should have an Aran sweater in his closet, and regardless of the fact that it is only the beginning of summer and there are a few more months until the temperatures will drop, a fisherman jumper would still make a beautiful gift for Father’s Day. There are many places where you can find this garment, but if you want to buy a 100% authentic one, online stores such as Tara Irish Clothing have a wide range of Aran sweaters made entirely of merino wool. By purchasing such a garment as a gift for Father’s Day, your dad will not only get an original Irish present, but also a stylish, comfortable, and qualitative sweater that he will enjoy for many years.

Blessing on a wooden map of Ireland

Ireland is well-known for its blessings and just like the Aran sweater, every house should have at least one blessing on the wall. And while the traditional bronze plated wall plaques are obviously great, you can make an even more interesting and unique present by getting the words engraved on a wooden map of Ireland instead. While there are many websites where you could order one, you can also make it more special by making it yourself, if you’re good with the tools for wood carving, or you can get it custom made with your favorite blessing and other special details, for example with a specific engraving on the birth town of your father. A blessing on a wooden map of your country would be a Father’s Day present that would light up the whole mood of the house.

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