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We often hear that “The pen is mightier than the sword.” What does it signify?

The pen which is smaller in size can actually do more things than a sword. While the sword can bring violence and hurt people, the pen has the power to heal by touching the heart and soul. A small pen can even change or save lives when used to communicate properly. Words are notably powerful and effective in sending out the message and the capability of writing is more significant than the power of hatred and war.

In today’s world where people rely heavily on science and technology, is pen still mighty? When there’s the internet, computers, printers and smartphones, where can we associate the power of a pen?

Because of digitalization, instant messaging has replaced the traditional art of handwriting. Messages are created and sent over via the internet in just a few taps or clicks on our computer. How fast and convenient, right? While the integration of technology in the life of every human being increases, the pen and the art of handwriting is slowly dying. The development of apps that we consider helpful communication tools in this fast-pace world is making the purpose of handwriting redundant.

In this era, handwriting might seem outdated, but we can’t deny the fact that it is still the best way to communicate and make real connections with people around the globe. Because anything handwritten involves creativity and personal touch, personalized handwritten messages are still beneficial.

The cognitive benefit of handwriting.

Cognitive is something that involves conscious intellectual activity. When you write by hand, like when you write a thank you card, reading and language processing skills are being reinforced. This enables the writer to think about the right words, the proper spelling and the structure of the writing; making the writer more adept at the language he or she is using.

Based on research, handwriting can also improve memory. Those who are writing by their hand remember the content better than those who are typing the messages or notes, because every movement of the hand sends unique pathways through the brain.

Handwritten messages create a lasting impression.

Personal connections are being reduced as we rely heavily on electronic means of communications. In worst case scenarios, these messages can be left unread or unopened in inboxes or in junk and spam folders and they may be lost or deleted forever with just a wrong tap or click. The scenario is totally different when sending a handwritten message as the receiver will instantly feel important and the impact in terms of building a personal connection can’t be easily deleted or lost. By doing extra effort in sending handwritten messages with the help of thank you card mailing service, you can create an immediate yet lasting impression.

A proven effective way of getting the message across.

People love instant messaging such as email because it’s instant, convenient, instant and absolutely free. It is one of the most practical ways of sending messages across the globe. Instant messaging via apps might be the most preferred way of communication, but a handwritten message is proven to be the most effective way to express feelings or show gratitude, because it clearly represents honesty. With a handwritten message, there is value on the message that is needed to be conveyed. Spending time and effort in writing is the most genuine way to send a message that is easily understood not only by the mind but by the heart as well.

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