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Meaningful Christian gifts are a wonderful way to say “thanks” or “I care” to your pastors, priests, bible study groups, prayer groups, or any family member or friend in need of a little boost of faith. The power such a gift can have on it’s recipient is truly amazing! From bringing about feelings of comfort and support to love and appreciation, you can truly touch someone’s soul through the power of a gift; and the joy it brings to the giver is undeniable as well!

Below are several specific suggestions of meaningful Christian gifts, along with pricing information and buying tips.

Comfort Cross Stones & Angel Worry Stones

These beautiful pocket-sized stones have crosses and/or angels within them, and can be held or rubbed to bring about feelings of calmness and connection. Many people use their stones during prayer or meditation, but because of their compact size, they can also go with you each day to serve as special reminders of your faith and how you intend to treat yourself and others each day.

These unique stones also make wonderful wedding favors, baby shower favors, memorial gifts, etc… In fact, most stones can have a few words or dates laser engraved by your local engraver, allowing you to add an extra special touch.

Comfort Crosses and Angel Stones generally sell for around $6.99 each.

Clinging Crosses

These beautiful and unique hand-held crosses are made specifically to fit within the contour of your hand, making them very easy to hold during prayer or meditation.

Smaller versions of the Clinging Cross are also available as pendants, necklaces and keychains, making it easier to find a gift that’s within your price range.

Large hand-held Clinging Crosses generally sell for around $17.99 and the smaller versions generally cost around $11.99.

Gabrielle’s Fleece Hand-Knitted Prayer Blanket Sets for Babies

These gorgeous blankets are one of a kind baby heirloom blankets. Each one comes with a framed set of prayers especially for your little one, as well as an heirloom box and tissue paper.

Each blanket is hand-made and every stitch of every blanket has been prayed over – so each baby will literally be covered in prayers each time they snuggle up with this incredibly soft blanket!

Gabrielle’s Fleece Prayer Blanket Sets generally sell for around $39.94 and make wonderful baby shower and birth gifts, as well as special gifts for those babies and children who are suffering from an illness.

Proclomations Cross Ornaments

These beautiful cross ornaments include inspirational scriptures pertaining to love, hope, blessings, etc… and can be hung throughout your home or office all year round (as opposed to ornaments that are only appropriate at Christmas time).

Proclomations Cross Ornaments generally sell for around $6.99 each.

Angel Gifts & Decor

Angels play an important role in the Christian religion, serving as great messengers of love, hope and peace. And because of this, angel gifts have the amazing power to bring about such feelings as comfort, love, hope, support and inspiration within both the giver and the receiver of such gifts.

Some of our favorite angel gifts include:

Willow Tree Collectible Angel Figurines and Ornaments – These beautiful angels “speak” through their gestures, and their muted colors allow them to fit seamlessly within any style of decor. Each angel also comes with a short inspirational or meaningful saying, allowing you to easily find a gift to fit the sentiment, occasion or situation at hand.

Willow Tree Angels generally sell for between $9.99 and $39.99, depending on their size.

AngelStar Angel Gifts – Several things come together to make AngelStar angels extra special. First, there is a great attention to detail, second, the angel wings on all of their items actually glisten in light, making them absolutely gorgeous, and last, you receive items of high quality for really great prices.

This line includes such items as angel figurines, keepsake boxes, magnets, ornaments, signs, stones, urns, vases and more.

Prices generally range from $6.99 to $49.99 for most items, with urns ranging in price from $84.99 to $549.99.

Shopping Tips

Here are a few shopping tips for you to consider before making a purchase:

1. If you will be purchasing 12 or more of the same item, contact the seller and ask if they can provide you with a bulk discount. Even if the discount is relatively small, it can add up to major savings when purchasing a large amount.

2. Look for sites that offer free shipping on larger orders. Because shipping costs have increased greatly over the last year or so, this could mean big savings for you.

3. If you are buying a gift for someone, take a moment to consider what it is that you truly want to say through your gift – what feelings or thoughts do you want the recipient to have each time they look at or use your gift? Knowing this ahead of time will make your gift search much easier.

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