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We all definitely want to know which is better to use for our silver jewellery as we want to maintain that beauty, shine and dazzle making it look all brand new for as long as possible. Based on our personal experience we find the silver polishing cloth is better in terms of cleaning, removing stains and bringing back that sparkle to our ‘old’ silver jewellery.

Here is our reason why:

Liquid cleaner is definitely cost saving because it can last for a very long time and it cleans really fast too. All we have to do is just dip our jewellery in for few seconds and the liquid will do the magic. However liquid cleaner can’t seem to remove stubborn stains as effective as the polishing cloth.

My friend had this silver necklace which turned bronze in colour. Yes the necklace was tarnished very badly. We decided to use the liquid cleaner and yes, there was a huge difference compared to before. However the necklace did not look like how silver jewellery should look. There were still stains on it and it looked ‘yellowish.’ The liquid cleaner failed to remove those stains. So we tried with the polishing cloth after that. And guess what, it worked! The polishing cloth not only managed to get the stains out, it also made the necklace shiny and new again. Even though the polishing cloth can be a little bit pricey compared to the liquid cleaner, in our opinion it is totally worth it.

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