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Nowadays, there are so many brands with different types, and models of watches you can find. For you who do not know much about watches, you may find it difficult to choose the right option. There are so many different types and terms for each model available for you. Here are some available types of watches for you to consider.

Chronograph Watch

This type of watch is often used for counting the time in a match. Generally, chronograph watch has three buttons in the right part of the watch. The upper button is used to count the second. It can count the speed up to 1/100 second. The middle button is used to adjust the time, either the hour or the minute. Its function is the same as the ordinary watch. In addition, the last button is to stop the second that is worked by the upper button and return it to the previous position, at 12.

Automatic Watch

This watch is also known as self winding watch. This watch does not need battery to make it work. This watch can work well when it is worn by the wearer. When the wearer moves, the rotor (such kind of plate) will rotate on its axis. The moving rotor will raise the power that will be transferred to a turbine to save the energy or power. Therefore, this watch will work when it is worn.

Although this watch is not worn, it can still work unless the energy saved is run out.

Analog Watch

This has three pointers. The long pointer is for the hour, the short pointer for the minute and the thin pointer for the second.

Digital Watch

This type of watch uses LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) system. The time shown in the display is in the form of digital numbers.


It stands for Analog digital. Therefore, this watch has two time pointers, analog and digital.

Water Resistant Watch

This type of watch has a good resistant against the water. Of course, not all water resistant watch has the same endurance against the water. Each of water resistant watches has a wide variety of endurance. You can have a look it endurance in its guide book or inside the watch.

Quartz Watch

This type of watch uses quartz mechanism. It is like quartz crystal that works as the source of the energy of the watch. The superiority of this watch is that it can show the time accurately and you can get it with a reasonable price.

Sport Watch

Sport watch is usually designed to fit different needs, for instance, diver type which is designed for diving. The sample of diver type is CX Swiss Military 20.000 Feet Diver or watch for pilot that provides a lot of time pointer for many countries.

Luxury Watch

It belongs to an exclusive watch that is made of high quality material such as gold, platinum, diamond, and another valuable stone. This watch is generally affordable only for the exclusive people. The component inside this watch is using hundreds of tiny spare parts such as tour billon machine.

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