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What in the world are you talking about? Well, it made you read the opening line didn’t it? One might think of the obvious – you give me the finger and I’ll give you at least a piece of my mind, if not a battle! With so many irate, impatient people in the world today and with the demand for instant communication and results – it’s not surprising that man has come up with a way to convey so much with just one flash of a finger… and with so little thought and so little effort. And dare I say it – so little demand for intellect? I often wonder if the one finger is possibly symbolic of how much brain power or IQ is being utilized by the offender. But that is not the topic for today – I am sidetracked and way off subject; please forgive me!

There is one finger on the man’s hand that is worth more than all the rest combined. It is not the thumb – arguably not really a finger at all. It is not the finger alluded to above – yes – the good ‘ole middle finger. no, not that one. In fact that one is probably the one that is worth the least in both terms of earning power and communicative power. No, the one that holds the most power, that is at the front and center of the battle is the ring finger. There is over a billion dollars spent each year in trying to capture this finger than any other part of the man’s hand. One might even argue the woman’s as well but let me stay focused.

Think about it – how many pieces of jewelry does a man wear – generally speaking? Earrings? No. Necklaces? Rarely. Bracelets? Occasionally. Nose rings? I don’t think so – at least not enough so as to generate any space in this article. Toe rings? Oh, come on! Maybe the one we all think of – other than the wrist watch – is the men’s ring! Simple. Smart. Tasteful. Typically not in multiples. Fashionable. Durable. Eye-catching. The list goes on. If a man is going to wear a piece of jewelry other than a watch – it is a ring!

Pure and simple. No argument. period. So, this being the case and I would bet your life that it is… how much is it worth? Let’s just say this finger has earned the right to be called the “battle finger”. Gold, silver, inlays, diamonds, rubies, titanium, tungsten, ceramic, stainless steel, platinum… the battle is on! Here is what surprises me about this modern day battle – there appears to be a modern day David taking it to the not-so-modern Goliath. Another way of saying this might be: “Take an hour and count the number of standard men’s gold wedding bands that you observe anywhere in the world and I’ll show you just as many tungsten or titanium rings”. Why?

These two newcomers are as durable as any ring on the market and as fashionable as any gold or silver band you will ever see. They are made to literally last a lifetime and what’s more – they are being worn by younger men who are spending more on rings these days. Younger men are not looking for gold and silver as they were 50 years ago (before the advent of these two new “Davids”). If the old guys aren’t buying, and the young guys are – guess what type of material is at the forefront of the sales charts for men’s ring this century? You guessed it – the new titaniums and tungstens and ceramics. Go online and see what the vast majority of sellers are carrying or simply type in “Tungsten Rings” or “Titanium Rings” and you will see a fashion world open before your eyes that you never dreamed possible. The battle is on. It will be won by the strong and the durable and the Davids.

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