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What is a runner? Many people know it’s a long, skinny rug that is perfect for covering a carpeted or hard floor. It brings together a space by warming it or helping incorporate décor that’s present. It can have many effects to include opening up a space, or helping it be less drab. Here are some tips for decorating with hallway runners.


Many turn to the stairs to work in a way that opens up an otherwise simple or neglected space. Hallways that have steps and feature an enclosed wall instead of open balusters are difficult to work with. Hallway runners add visual interest, contrast and beauty. Choose something with strips to elongate the stairs and create a unique visual effect. There should be a few inches of space on either side of the runner, and it should be affixed properly in order to be safe.

Make the Hallway a Showcase

Hallways have a purpose, and hallway runners lay that purpose out for everyone to appreciate. Whether it is a place to hang coats and keys, or a walkway to a main area of the home its importance should not be overlooked. Use it as a place to display personality such as hobbies or photography. Let the hallway runner complement that and show interests. There are runners in many colors and materials. For example, a family that loves the beach could use hallway runners made of seagrass. There are no limitations!

Wide Halls

If the hallway in question has space for a table – even a narrow type, hallway runners will make a great impression. Match the style of the table to the runner, or things placed upon it or next to it such as sculptures or vases. If these elements are simple, a bright and fun rug will contrast and make an impression.

On another note, if one has a painting or other element they want to draw the eye to, the hallway runner can play a large part in that. Paint the wall it’s displayed upon a different color then use that as one of the colors in the hallway runner. Soft piles are best to mute the interest to the runner and keep it upon the artwork or other element.

Fabrics are Important

No matter the size or décor of the existing hallway, fabric choices can make a huge difference. They can be the starting point for décor. Plain white walls and wood trim can be the perfect backdrop for colorful hallway runners. Consider this when choosing both the runner and any other materials that will grace the hallway.

If there’s space at the end of the hall, why not use a bench with storage and coat hooks, then place some small throw pillows that have a matching color and pattern on them? This ties together the hallway runners with the cushions and creates a well-put-together space. Other areas to bring pillows or the like are statement furnishings, ledges, shelves and even windowsills. Potted plants can have pots wrapped in fabric as well. Plus, these are easy elements to switch up should one get the decorating bug. Why not make the hallway look as though it’s from the cover of a home décor magazine?

It’s All About Color

Use bold colors in small spaces to bring a bit of personality that’s unmatched. Bright orange, yellow and red are fun in hallway runners. On the other hand, a pale blue, violet or green is lovely when matched with decorative elements that are just the opposite such as cobalt, deep purple and chartreuse!

Use furnishings to Match the Runner

Have dead space at the end of a narrow hallway? A bench is perfect and allows a place for visitors and family members to sit and put on or remove shoes. Then find or make a cushion pad or pillows that carry the colors in hallway runners placed in the hall. Blending neutral to wild is a fun way to decorate halls and any spaces.

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