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One must buy bolster pillow if he/she is looking for maximum comfort while sleeping or while sitting or while sleeping. These are long narrow pillows that are made with 233 soft- thread cotton, which makes it very soft and comfortable. If one is thinking about buying these then he/she is very much correct in making this choice, as there are many advantages for which these pillows can be used.

If you buy these instead of any other regular pillow then the first advantageous feature you would notice is its length. This pillow has a length that may measure to your entire bed length and thus, would provide support to your head, wherever you move while sitting or sleeping. In addition to this, it also provides support to your back when you sleep. This proves to be the best for this reason as in the present time when there are so many long hours that one as to spend at the work desk, and as a result they face problems like back ache.

For this comfort feature these are also used by the pregnant ladies too. Normally the pregnant ladies buy bolster pillow as they need to keep their body relaxed all the time. The bolster pillow provides great comfort while sitting also as it can be easily bent to form a V shape. The pregnant ladies can use it when they sit and read or watch television or do any other work.

If you do not find the store from where to buy bolster pillow then you can make one on your own too. You just need to buy flat foam of about 1 -2 inches and roll it as a bolster. Then tie it with the help of ribbons. Then take the measurements of the cylindrical foam that is the length, breadth and the width. As per these take the fabric of your choice and measure that in accordance. Also get a welt cord. Then, take a cardboard and cut it into round shape to fit at the ends of the pillow. Now cut two strands from the fabric as per the length of the welt cord. This is generally 2 inches. This is used as strap at the ends. Then attach a zipper form one end to the other. Now, with the help of your sewing machine cover the welt cord with the straps you have cut. Then, join the welt and put the zipper and now insert the foam inside the bolster fabric by reversing it. This is your bolster pillow ready to be used for comfort. So, if you are unable to buy bolster pillow now you can make your own, for your comfort.

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