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I already have two other Roombas but I couldn’t resist getting this silver vacuum disk. The reviews of first time users of iRobot 4150 Roomba are amazing. Something that you want to read about after owning dozens of vacuums. After purchasing the machine I realized that it has three functional buttons – clean, spot and max. There is also one charging station for the battery and couple of filters. It lacks the latest technology and that is the remote control. My house has hardwood flooring and I must say that I didn’t have to worry about vacuuming it. The magnificent technology of iRobot 4150 Roomba can do it all.

After purchasing iRobot 4150 Roomba, it looks like an ant that is busy cleaning the floor. Definitely this machine can clean about 95%. You can reach under the table, chairs and bed. There is no need to get on your knees in order to clean corners. The iRobot 4150 Roomba has a smaller version however it shares the same power as compared with the larger unit. If you are contemplating on choosing between big and small vacuum model, it is good to know that they both have the same quality when cleaning it,

All it takes is just a push of button, then the iRobot 4150 Roomba will work. No matter how large the area is, this vacuum will not disappoint you. The iRobot 4150 Roomba is built with small brushes that take out the dirt even in corners. On one side of this machine is an infra red device so it can easily navigate along the wall. It has spot function the will move in half circle when it works under breakfast table. A notable feature is that it can be manually set on or off. This can save the battery from draining. This is one of the best features of this unit.

The iRobot 4150 Roomba comes with a three hour charger. Compared to regular vacuum cleaner, this one is quite intense. The results are way better especially on carpet and hardwood flooring. When it comes to cleaning the iRobot 4150 Roomba, the vacuum container can last about 2-3 days and that depends on the dirt that you catch. Definitely this tool is much cheaper than other high end units that have the same features. I must save that the vacuum cleaner is very intelligent. Certainly this is the best gift that you can give a household maker.

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