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A bolster body pillow is an oversized pillow which is designed to cradle as well as support the entire body during sleep and rest. There are various designs and fillings in pillows, which are intended to meet different physical needs. Bolster pillows are essentially good for people suffering from back problems as well as for pregnant women.

Most people rest on one side of their body. This side sleeping can damage the shoulders as well as hipbones. Generally, the bolster body pillow runs through the entire length of our body. So if you will rest or sleep with this long and rounded pillow then while hugging this, your shoulders and chest are kept wide. Besides that, you can keep a distance between your knees for a sound sleep. These pillows often go between your knees to keep the hips wide, which will release the strain from your hipbones as well. Since these pillows make your chest widen, this helps in deeper breathing as well as relaxation.

It gives the fetal curl, which is considered as the best sleeping position. The kapok stuffed body pillows are sewn with the organic cotton fabric, which makes it more breathable and at the same time less sweating. The firmly stuffed ones provide even more support. But body bolster pillows are not at all advisable for placing your head as this will result in stiff neck because it pushes the neck out of alignment.

It is very useful for relieving tension and pressure during sleep. For this reason, they are especially great for people who have complaints of restless sleep. They help to keep our body in place while providing support to our neck, back as well as the front portion of the body. There are different types of fillings, which are used in these, ranging from firm memory foam to soft down.

Some of them may also have compartments along with different fillings while some can be designed in order to address different parts of our body. But while buying it, keep in mind that these should have a washable cover to keep it clean and at the same time the cover should be sweet smelling. There are a number of websites which offer bolster body pillows at affordable prices. You can easily search them over the internet. But before buying any, make sure that it will serve your medical purpose, if you have any. Or you can also make your own body bolster pillows at your home.

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