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When you are looking for plus size clothing, there are certain things you should look for in various pieces you try on and certain things you should avoid. If you know your body well and pay attention to what different clothing does to your appearance, you likely know what to stay away from. However, everyone can use a little help sometimes.

The first thing you should stay away from at all costs is tapered leg pants. The new trend for the size 0 models of Hollywood are skinny jeans. However, only the smallest women of the world could ever think about pulling these off well. So, stick to flared legs or boot cut for a more symmetric look.

Another thing you should look for are clothes that skim your body, but don’t cling to your body. For instance, you wouldn’t want to your clothing to show off every flaw. However, if you choose clothing too big for your frame, you will appear to have no curves at all and will end up looking square or rectangular. So, don’t be afraid to get fitted clothes that show off your best assets and distract the eyes from those areas you don’t particularly like much.

In addition, you should not always choose dark colors if you are plus sized. Sure, dark colors are slimming, but they are also rather boring. You can pull off slim lines with other colors and patterns as well. So, if you must choose a dark solid color, just stick with it for one item, such as your pants. Add some color to your other pieces of plus size clothing for a little variety.

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