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Is there love for the bigger woman? Living in the age of 2006 I am beginning to eat these words. With the superficial status of brothers and men in general, I do believe that more meat on the bones women will not stand a chance.

Thin is the crave going around, although in the modeling industry thin is starting a rave of its own in the category of anorexia. Women are so thin you can see their bones, and it’s awful. Women are literally binging and then throwing up to remain skinny, bony and thin. Some of the actresses who have recently lost weight look so horrible to me. Is it worth it?

In the celebrity status I guess so because the media will call you fat and hound the hell out of you because you are not a size two, three, four or five. But again they will make a mountain out of a molehill if you are to skinny. Please forgive me for this one, but what in the hell do you want? Should I be skinny, or should I be fat?

Larger woman have meat on the bones so when a man puts his arms around her waist he is going to get a lot more than he can handle. The man has something to hold on too and look forward too for future lovemaking techniques. Why not men, have something to grab?

Plus-size women are gorgeous, educated, loving, romantic, giving, kind, pretty, beautiful, special, and worth loving. They just want to find their soul mate, and live happily ever after. We want to get married, have children, and the black or white picket fence. Why not?

In this day and age where size matter, the plus-size woman is left out in the cold, lonely and invisible. We do not exist, and our bodies are like rolls of fat, and who wants to see us naked. I always thought that beauty was in the eye of the beholder, and what you see is not entirely what you get all the time. A gorgeous woman lives in the eyes of Satan and we have to remember this fact.

We also have to consider the fact that fakes body parts is in. There is fake hair, nails, breasts, and the list is endless. We should love a woman/man because of her/his inner beauty, and not so much focus on the outer beauty which fades with age.

What about when we get into our thirties, forties and fifties? Our breast might be sagging, and our hair falling out, not to mention the beer bellies on the men. Do we not deserve to still be loved and treasured?

I have a friend who was so in love with this man, she would literally die for him. She gave her all to him, and he used and abused her because she was fat and overweight. She thought he was in love with her because he was spending so much time with her. Of course he was using her body because men are noted for liking big breasts and ass, so he was getting his cake and ice cream all in one. When she told him that she loved him, and thought they should get engaged, he laughed so horribly in her face, she thought she was going to die on the spot. His words to her were: “You have lost your ever-loving mind. I enjoy having sex with you because you have all that fat meat, but I will never marry you so stop being so naïve. You are to fat, girl, and I have a reputation to keep in tact. If you would lose some weight then we might have a chance together, but I’m not marrying you for all the money in the world. I am not marrying anyone for the next few years. I am young and there are too many women out there.”

My friend attempted suicide, but she lived because I found her in time and saved her life. This man was not worth her going to hell for, and I was thankful that she called me to say goodbye, and I was able to rescue her in time. She spent a year in a mental institute and then she moved to New York, from Chicago, and now she’s married and living happily ever after.

My friend did not lose the weight, and she found a man who loved her for herself. I think this can happen in our society, but so far, in Chicago there is no line for plus-size women. Some are very lucky to find their prince charming. I hear that there are men who love plus-size women, but I think they might be living out there in Alaska or the foreign countries or something.

In evaluating women and men, I came to the conclusion that there are more plus-size women in the world and some men too. This is to the fact that where there is food, we are going to eat it. The pounds will evaporate and plus-size women will revolute the world.

Monique, the actress, is a prime example of a big woman who loves herself, and she married her best friend. I admire her so much for putting on a pageant for plus-size women giving then a chance to shine because ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC are to superficial to get into the real world and realize that there are all sizes, and colors of women.

Monique went to the Oxygen Channel to make her show a reality and it has shined for two years. She is a role model for all plus-size women, and I respect her and Queen Latifah also. These are gorgeous, gifted, and successful woman showing the world that you do not have to be a size zero to succeed in life.

I do not know where the men are, but brothers and men in general the plus-size women is ready and waiting for you; to show you some loving, kindness, faithfulness, and to rock your world in more ways than one. All we need is a chance to illustrate how we love, and you will never be disappointed.

We will feed you, motivate you, keep you, be faithful to you, love you, romance you, and treat you like a king. All we ask in return that you treat us like the queen we are. Plus-size women are here, and we are not going anywhere. Call me!

Copyright © by Carol Ann Culbert Johnson

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