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I’ve worn plus size clothing most of my adult life. And let me tell you, clothes shopping has really been an agravating experience to say the least. You go to the mall and visit the one store that carries sizes more than 1X. You browse the racks and find a nice pink blouse you’d really love to buy, and they DO have plus sizes, but YOUR SIZE PINK BLOUSE IS MISSING. ARRGH!

Or, you might find a pretty black bra that you’d love to have, but they are out of the 42DD. Pure frustration.

At first glance it looks like the big and beautiful store has a lot of items, but when you take into account that each item probably is displayed with 4-6 sizes, there really isn’t that much in one store. Even the big chain stores like Target, Walmart and K-Mart really have a limited supply of plus size clothing. And most of it isn’t very stylish.

And why do all other stores always put the women’s plus size clothing section right next to the Maternity section? I’m offended by that as a large woman, and I’d be offended by that as well if I were a pregnant woman. You have to make sure that you aren’t checking out the clothing that belongs in the maternity section.

Speaking of maternity wear, I know from personal experience that finding maternity clothes as a larger woman is murder! I seems that only the skinny girls get pregnant as far as the clothing manufacturers think. You have to find a special store that carries nothing but plus size maternity clothing, and lots of it.

To add to the frustration, they put the Petites section on the other side of the Women’s section. Come on…no big woman wants to shop next to all those perky little skinny girls.

It’s all so darn frustrating. But there is a solution. Shop online. More items, and more sizes, and total freedom to choose in your own home. An online store doesn’t have space restrictions and can display a thousand items with relative ease.

That’s easier said than done. Some online plus size women’s clothing stores carry a limited line. You have to visit many online shops to find what you want. It’s hard to find an online plus size fashion site that offers bigger size shirts, pants, suits, etc., from many designers and retail stores. An online plus size clothing store can pick clothing from many suppliers and designers, and make plus size fashions available at all price ranges. It can offer plus size lingerie, plus size boots, plus size coats and plus size swimwear. And it can stock a limitless selection of products, and sell them all in one place.

Sure, there are one or two large scale (excuse the pun) plus size shops online, if you can find them. Still, online shopping is definitely the way to go for us plus size women!

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