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Most petite size women have a difficult time finding clothing that fit them well. That is because there is a limited amount of clothing that is available. It is even more difficult for a woman that is petite plus. Although many retailers will cater to plus size women, they may limit the amount of petite plus size clothing that is available. What can you do if you are petite plus to make the most out of your size? Here are a few tips that you would want to consider.

Compromise – If you are petite plus, you may be able to use regular size clothing in unique ways. For example, many petite women who are plus sized use regular sized Capri pants as the perfect pants for them. An additional example would be a very short skirt for a woman who is considered “regular size”. This may fit you around the waist well and it may be low enough that it could be considered a moderate dress. Don’t be afraid to try on regular size clothing to see what is going to fit for you. In many cases, you will be able to use regular size clothes without even going to the tailor. No one ever has to know that it is not a petite plus specific style.

Local Tailors – Although we just discussed the possibility of using regular size clothing without tailoring it, there may be times when you need something tailored. This is especially true when you have limited choices, as you do when you are petite plus. You may be able to use a wide variety of clothing and you don’t need to frequent shops that are specific to your size. You may find, however, that the pants leg may be a little bit long or perhaps the sleeve of the shirt hangs a bit too low. This is going to be simple work for a local tailor who can hem the clothing for you so that it is the perfect fit.

What Is Your Favorite? – It is likely that you have a favorite store that has clothing which typically fits your frame. Although it is nice to search elsewhere from time to time and see what is available, don’t overlook your favorites as a way to continue to get the clothing that you need. There are a variety of retail stores that don’t necessarily cater to petite plus women but their collection may be best for you. Check out some of the larger, popular chains in your area to see if there is one that is right for you.

Be Yourself – Just because you fit into a category that has limited choices does not mean that you need to make the same choice as every other woman that is petite plus. There is a lot of room for individuality, especially if you are able to think outside of the box. Try to develop your own style that fits your personality and stick with it. It is likely that you will be able to find the clothing that is right for you when it is in a specific style.

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