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Over the years you can acquire a lot of jewelry. Some of it you may not wear very often, while some of it might be appropriate for everyday where. So what do you do with the rest of it? Here are some ideas for you.

1. First, get all of it cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner at a jewelry store. This will help restore its luster and may revive an old piece you had fallen out of love with.

2. Next, separate the pieces you own into three piles: The pile you always wear, the pile you wear on special occasions, and the pile you never wear. For the last pile, don’t feel badly about putting jewelry in that pile. Just because you probably won’t wear it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have sentimental value for you. Very shortly you will find a way to enjoy it. But just hold on and let’s deal with the other piles first.

3. With the first pile, the pile you always wear, you can keep them in a place that is convenient for you on your dresser. If there are pieces that you rotate, and you’re concerned that they may go missing if your house were ever broken into, consider getting a hidden compartment safe built into your home. For example, get a safe that looks like a regular electrical outlet where you can keep your regular jewelry away from an intruder if they were to get in.

4. With the second pile, the pile you only wear on special occasions, identify if you wear them with a certain outfit. If you do, put them in a plastic bag and put the bag in the pocket of that outfit. That way, you don’t have to worry about it until it comes time to wear the outfit, then you can pull out the bag and put on the jewelry.

5. With the last pile, the pile you likely won’t wear, there are a few ideas you can use. First, you can find great joy in giving the jewelry to someone else, like your daughter or a special niece. Jewelry is beautiful and sentimental but is made even more special when passed from one person to another. For some of the other jewelry, take it to a frame store and see if they can put it into a shadow box. You’ll be amazed at some of the things they can do with frames and shadow boxes and will really make your special jewelry even more special, and available for everyone to enjoy!

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