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This cultured world is for elite individuals with contacts and/or mining experience?

Not even close

Did you know you can cash and carry diamonds, rubies emeralds and every other precious stone that interests you? The lasting value of diamonds is known by everyone. But you may not realize that entry level opportunity investors can pyramid substantial profits by involving themselves in this highly lucrative industry.


You will be astounded to realize that precious stones are paid for by non-industry buyers who decide by emotional decision. Per Ca-pita, the most avid consumers of precious stones are wealthy females. Money is rarely the issue. There is an “intrinsic value” index that precious stones can be measured by. But when it comes to the retail buyer of these beautiful sparkling symbols of eternity- they are paid for by the “thrill” and not by the carat.

Many affluent individuals are very sophisticated in their buying habits. They rarely buy “rocks” premade into jewelry. They prefer to focus on buying the “rocks” separately and have an artisan craft the finished product usually having an input into the design process.

Horse shoe diamond ring anyone?

This particular attribute of the precious stones industry makes it so astoundingly lucrative. Buyers fall in love with certain aspects of a particular stone. Often a high price tag and a few choice words of objective justification of the price can add 30% or more value.

Now that is low-cost value adding. An investment objects ultimate measure of value is simply somebody saying “yes, I’ll take it”

How to achieve that is up to you as a professional “price justifier”

Please don’t think for a moment that this is pushing ethical boundaries. How else do commodities get valued if not by measuring the markets willingness to pay a price. After all, if somebody has enough discretionary income to pay $19,090 for a little polished rock, then how can getting $22,000 for it be any more unethical.

The value is measured in the satisfaction it brings the new owner. Your price justifications manufacture that permanent happiness and install permanent, portable value into the stone they just bought.

There are several pieces of information you need to know, to become specialized in this field. It isn’t rocket science. Stone clarity, weight and the quality of “cutting” are a few examples.

There are many good resources on these topics. As an opportunity investors our interest is limited to the final outcome…..the deal. So discovering the fundamentals is all we require to make a good living and building enormous wealth with semi precious stones gems and diamonds.

Warm Regards,

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