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Old is Gold. We now say this phrase with a difference. We say,

Gold is old. Yes gold is old. The precious yellow metal is facing stiff competition from diamonds, gems ,pearls and even its alter ago in the form of white gold.

You turn up at a social do in glittering gold and you are considered yuppie! So passe!

You turn up at a social do in white gold and you are so trendy !! So with it!!

Whether or not Diamonds have passed the test of friendship is something no one can swear by, but yes, they are loudly proclaimed to be a woman’s best friend. We continue to dig into mother earth and recover from her an endless bounty of rubies and gems, topaz and sapphires. Add to this the mystique of good and bad fortunes associated with precious stones and one veers more and more towards gems and baubles to complete an ensemble. All precious and semi precious stones are believed to impart positive energies to the wearer according to planetary influences. So you have necklaces and chains, bangles and bracelets , and rings and pendants studded with myriad coloured stones . Add to that a penchant for clubbing the right clothing with the right jewellery and you are ready to step into the party zone.

Matching jewellery is the order of the day. Jewellery is no more something which lies in the darkness of a closet and which can be boringly termed as an ” asset”, only to be aired at social functions and gloated over in private. On the contrary, its something that enhances ones presence. Makes one feel special.

Whatever be one’s station in life,the possession and feel of a trendy piece of jewellery never fails to transport one to a comfort zone and never fails to trigger a surge of happiness.

Celebrations are also strongly associated with sporting a lot of adornment by way of jewellery.

Fashions come and go, trends change but jewellery continues to be a harbinger of good tidings . So, all that glitters may not be gold ,but surely, it makes one feel precious.

Uma V Nagpal

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