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While no one will claim there is a magic bullet to weight loss and body sculpting, advances in plastic surgery have provided viable, non-surgical alternatives to liposuction. While all of these alternatives are technically operations, they are low impact procedures that are sometimes referred to as “non-surgical liposuction” because the patient is often conscious during these low impact operations.

Three of the most common and popular alternatives to conventional liposuction are mesotherapy, and then the trademarked Lipodissolve and Thermage. All three of these techniques all carry less risk than more invasive surgery, are less expensive, and are all easily used on more sensitive areas of the body such as the face, belly and thighs.

Lipodissolve is a technique used to tone areas around the arms, chin, belly and legs. This therapy is used to treat fatty deposits that haven’t responded well to diet and exercise. This particular procedure is also seen as being especially effective at reducing cellulite. Given as a series of injections, Lipodissolve breaks down the bonds between fat molecules without damaging surrounding body tissue. The body filters out the dissolved fat over a couple of weeks through natural means.

Mesotherapy is an injection based therapy similar to Lipodissolve, though much older and it has been used for a long time in Europe and Central America. Doctors use tiny needles to inject amino acids, medications, and various holistic elements into fatty tissue to dissolve it. The body is basically “teased” into eliminating fat by blocking the alpha receptors which create fat and stimulate the beta receptors to break down fat. A typical installment includes ten sessions, though some see results after a single session.

A third alternative to liposuction is known Thermage. Thermage boasts the most non-invasive alternative liposuction available. It utilizes a heated laser that melts away body fat while at the same time causing the patient’s collagen to tighten. Immediate results can be seen with improved skin tone and texture, and while patients experience a slight warming sensation as the laser increases frequency, general anesthesia is not required. As this is minimally invasive it carries a limited number of side effects.

So if not so keen improving your body contour by going under the knife, consider the benefits of less pain and less expense and less risk involved with these alternatives to liposuction.

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