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A Labiaplasty surgery is one that is carried out on the female genital region. The most common surgeries consist of a Labia minora reduction and a Labia majora reduction. It is very easy to comprehend just by looking at the names of these procedures, the surgery mostly involves the reduction of the amount of tissue in either the minor labia or the major labia. The major is the pair of outer lips while the minor is for the inner ones.

Reason for a Labia surgery

The most common reasons that women give for availing this surgery is that they are unhappy with their vulva appearance. This procedure is for cosmetic reasons commonly. Women who have an elongated or an enlarged labia may sometimes feel very conscious when they are wearing tight clothing and certain types of swimwear. This is because the outline of the labia is visible very easily. This can also cause many women to feel extremely self- conscious during an intimate amount contact.

Discomfort of Labia surgery

After the surgery more often than not, women experience discomfort during various activities. These activities include walking, cycling, jogging, horse riding, sexual intercourse and exercising. Hence in order to recover as soon as possible, doctors recommend to avoid any type of physical activity even thought it might not be painful. Other instances of discomfort arise when clothing like bikinis, thongs and tight pants are worn.

Causes of a large labia

The most primary cause of a labia can be bought down to genetics. It is natural for some women to have an elongated labia. As she ages, she will lose her skin tone and muscles. Also some women may notice that their labia becomes even more elongated as time passes by. A women may also undergo a few physical changes to her labia pre or post pregnancy and/or childbirth. This labia can also undergo changes in the shape or size due to the trauma that is related to some type’s pf accidents.

Before you move on and proceed with the surgery, you will have to take references of good and experienced doctors. An experienced doctor can perform the surgery and you can get best results as soon as possible. Thus go ahead and visit a surgeon whom you feel can do the job. References can go a long way as far as your doctor is concerned. It is one of the important things to remember.

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