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It is amazing how frequently green amethyst jewelry is overlooked as a gift for Valentines Day. Unfortunately, this mostly occurs due to all the hype in the media around buying diamonds for your sweetheart instead of a more meaningful gift. For most people, purchasing diamonds for Valentines Day lacks in originality and creates a higher expectation for each following holiday. Save the diamonds for big anniversaries and monumental birthdays. The reason that amethyst makes the perfect Valentines Day gift is mostly due to the fact that is birthstone for February; followed by the variety of natural colors that amethyst can be found in. Immediately, the value of the gift goes up in the eyes of your sweetheart because you put the extra thought and effort into buying a gift with meaning and significance.

Green amethyst jewelry comes in such a large variety of colors and styles that makes it perfect for people with any hair color or eye color for example. What makes amethyst particularly unique is that it can be found in a mixture of colors from a natural very light green to very deep purple. Also, since amethyst is so popular, it is easy to find in rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings, necklaces, beads, etc. According to Google, green amethyst rings are the most popular around the holiday season and green amethyst pendants are the most popular through out the rest of the year. Of course, green gemstone jewelry looks great all year long, especially when it can reflect the sun or other light to bring out its luminescence.

The third reason, and probably the most important reason for many people, is that the cost of green amethyst jewelry. Most amethyst starts out at less than fifty dollars for basic jewelry that contains only one gemstone. On the pricier side, this jewelry can be also commonly found the way up into the several thousand dollar range. The more expensive jewelry typically comes with more than one gemstone and is also accented with diamonds and other precious metals. With all the options available, it is easy to see that there is absolutely something for everyone.

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