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Linen sarees are the most beautiful saree that you will ever wear. Sarees are really famous in India and we all know how comfortable a linen saree particularly is. We have always seen our mothers rocking these linen sarees in hot summers and looking the most beautiful. On any occasion, we very often see our aunties and grandmothers wearing beautiful linen sarees and not even getting uncomfortable for 1 second. As a kid, I have always wondered of how my mother would carry this beautiful linen sarees without getting all sweaty and cranky but as I grew older I found out that the linen sarees were the most beautiful sarees to ever wear and plus point they are not even a bit uncomfortable. Buying your first saree is a very beautiful experience but if you buy the wrong material it can go all in vain. We recommend you to buy linen saree if you want to be really comfortable in the material. When buying your first saree make sure that the saree is comfortable. We recommend linen 10 on 10. Now let’s look at the other things that you should know about linen sarees. ● Wear Anytime Anywhere The first thing to know about a linen saree is that the saree can be worn at any given point of time and at any location. The essence which these sarees carry is really elegant and a modest look. If you are going for an office event or even for an outdoor party, you can definitely go for soft linen sarees. These sarees are also very comfortable to wear in summers. You can definitely rock the sarees even at a day event in hot summer July or June. You can wear this saree at any given point of time in the whole year. The sarees never go out of fashion. ● Quality Assurance While looking at the linen saree collection you will definitely think that the saree will be difficult to take care of because it looks very sensitive. What if we tell you that linen is much much stronger than cotton as a fabric? Yes! It is right. Linen sarees are very strong in nature because they are made from the middle of the flax plant. The tensile strength of linen is twice as much as cotton. Even if you try very hard the fabric of your saree will never break and this will give you a lot more durability to wear them again and again without any worry of wear and tear. ● Combination With Other Fabrics Linen as a material is quite hard and stiff but to make the sarees softer and wearable the fabric is combined by other fabrics such as Cotton, Silk or Khadi. Linen is a very breathable material but when used alone it can be quite stiff and hard to wear. Sometimes, the weavers can use Cotton, Silk or even khadi to make it more soft and wearable for all of the Indian audience. The texture of the saree will change depending upon the material which is used with the linen yarn but the outcome will definitely be a really beautiful saree. ● Learn From Creases Linen is a very beautiful material and if you want to drape your linen saree perfectly it is recommended that you must definitely iron it properly first. Linen is the material which is made to have proper creases. If you want to drape it perfectly then you must make proper creases on your sarees beforehand by ironing it. By that means you will be able to wear your saree without getting uncomfortable. In this way, you can also take your pallu more beautifully. ● Beautiful Weaves In The Saree Linen sarees are very special also because they are made with quite a compassion and love. Beautiful weaves are made in the saree by Indian weavers. Loomfolks’ collection of linen saree is specially made by Indian weavers. Also, the weaves can decide the heaviness and the lightness of the saree. If the weavers want to make the saree heavy then they will do a tight weaving and if they want to give the saree a light look then the weaving should be loose. If you are not yet impressed by the beautiful linen sarees then you can visit the Loomfolks pure linen saree collection page and look at the beautiful collection yourself. We promise you, you will fall in love!

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