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When it comes to the hair department, people differ. In some cases, nature has not been generous enough to endow some with the natural style they yearn for. On the other hand, some women are cruel to their hair. In their quest to look gorgeous, a number of them have unwittingly and with all good intentions mistreated and damaged their hair and its cuticles. When the cuticle is intact, it tends to reflect the most light, giving off a healthy appearance. This explains why healthy hair seems to shine more.

Hair Care

Blow drying, straightening, perming, and coloring, are all “great” ways we use to cause damage to our hair and its cuticles. Things are somewhat different in India where women let their hair grow naturally long and mostly straight or curly. They hardly do anything to their hair because it is attached to particular cultural ethics in their society. The fact that it blends perfectly with various hair types is what makes it supreme in the hair extensions and weaves industry.

The Genetic Factor

The painful reality is that your DNA is something which is beyond your control. The length to which every person’s hair can grow is genetically pre-determined, and it won’t go beyond that organic limit. This is why the average person cannot grow their hair to their knees. The texture of the Indian women’s hair is what enables it to grow extremely long. Due to their genetics, Indian women’s hair grows faster than that of many women of European or African ancestry.

The Cultural Factor

In the Indian culture, short hair is regarded as “unfeminine” and female beauty is frequently measured based on hair length. Most men will not prefer a woman with short hair for a wife unless she shaved it as a religious donation and not for any other reason. This is why it is quite common for women to allow their hair to grow down to their knees (or even their ankles). In fact most of them do absolutely nothing to their hair throughout their lifetime.

The Religious Factor

There is a ceremony known as Tonsuring performed in some Indian temples where women joyfully offer to have their heads shaved. This is a way of showing one’s dedication to the god Vishnu. The Sri Venkateswara Temple is among the temples named as the world’s leading barber shops. This particular temple hires a record 600 plus barbers who shave more than 20,000 devotees’ heads daily, in the name of Vishnu. The money raised from the sale of this hair is used to cater for the temple’s expenses and charitable purposes. There are cases where temples have been able to fund the construction of schools in their respective localities.

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