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When the temperatures begin to dip, instead of hiding behind one dull jacket, you can still look cute and be warm by working in layers. By pairing sweaters with button downs underneath, you automatically look put together and professional. Not to mention, you will be quite warm under them as well. To add extra warmth to your outfit, underneath the ensemble, just wear a thermal. Yes, it sounds old fashioned, but you know what they say: “Mother knows best”. Pair thermals that follow the neckline of the shirt or sweater you’re wearing to conceal it. No one will know and you will feel nice and cozy. So, instead of reaching for the big parka this year, try to experiment with sweaters and button ups instead. Although, large oversized jackets do come in handy occasionally.

Ladies, we have all had those days. We wake up in the morning just a little too late for a shower or unmotivated to try at all. However, whether we stumbled out of bed five minutes ago or spent the full hour and a half in front of a mirror, we always want to look our best. One of the easiest, simplest ways to conceal the monster that is our second (maybe even third) day hair is to keep it tamed under a cute hat. Snapbacks, fedoras, and berets the options are endless. Not a single soul will know that under the accessory, is a dirty little secret. The second option is to throw your hair up into a messy bun. The second day hair gives the bun texture and hold. You’ll look put together without spending even five minutes on it. These two methods will fool anyone. No one will know that the hat and the bun are just the cover up.

Plaid isn’t just for punks and prep school kids, the closer it gets to fall the more we want to wrap ourselves us in this icon fabric. Whether you prefer it in flannels or printed on your dress this print can make you look comfy or festive depending on how you wear it.

The key to plaid is to not over do it. It’s always easier to integrate small pieces to accent your wardrobe. Plaid flannels and button downs are a good buy since you can pair them with jeans or a solid bottom. If you choose to go with a main plaid statement make sure to use the accessories to anchor down your look. Keep it simple the plaid will speak for itself. If you are ready to try this look here are a few plaid picks from our arsenal.

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