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Earrings is a beautiful compulsory think for your life, so don’t forget to wear matching Match with your dress. In this Article today I am Gonne show you the different type of earrings style like party wear, daily wear, heavy ,beautiful, Jhumka, Diamond, Pearl, Cuff, Chandelier, triangle, Stud etc . Who read my article and find the solution about what type of earring you should wear according to your lifestyle dress up this is the perfect article for you defiantly you will find every solution . The detail as follows about the earrings just scrolls down and see amazing and interesting picture with the details. Jhumka – everybody wears heavy dress up according to a wedding so jhumka is the perfect choice for the wedding so must try these heavy earrings in wedding jhumka is a heavy so this is the perfect for wedding . Simple design – According to dress up light wait simple design give you complete Beautiful look If someone is love gold & diamond earring so must try these simple design . Long Chain – If you want to wear a long chain daily wear so I will suggest you single long chain earrings, it look so beautiful with your outfit. Pearl -Pearl gives you beautiful and positive look, Hear is our selected some latest Pearl earrings for you just scroll down and never forget to try these earings. Diamond look – Now are not just important to wear the only function and party also wear diamond in daily wear lifestyle, the diamond becomes more popular in this lifestyle. Cuff typical – this is the name for the type of earrings cover the bulk of the ear from the lope to the top. it looks like Round earrings are full cover-up earrings this is beautiful Unique jewelry. Chandelier heavy – If you love the stone type of earrings so this is the best option to wear chandelier earrings, So you are planning for the wedding this time you will try these earrings you look more pretty after wearing chandelier earrings. Feather – This is the funky looks with the multi-color it’s so light wait feather earrings you will wear daily wear even party also I will suggest you one time must try feather design. triangle -If you are the type of person who love long triangle earrings so this simple triangle series with official look then these made your day with official look, these triangle design match with your outfit so I suggest you try these light wait triangle design. Stud – A stud is a very beautiful they are lots of shapes like round triangle and more many, the type of earrings is the pin with sticks hidden by the diamond and whatever jewelry you have and a removable back clutch easily. ear beautiful – This is the one of different type of earrings, ear cuffs cover your ear and gives you stunning look this is the typical shape is ear curve they can travel the entire length of the ear from top to bottom ! this type earrings give you heavy look so you will wear on ethnic wear and will try ear cuffs earring so you are totally complete with your outfit and earrings.

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