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One day I came home from school and found my roommate relaxed on the couch with a tiny little creature bundled in her arms. Hoping it was just a stuffed animal, I soon realized it was a live kitten. Not an avid fan of cats, I reminded her of our landlord’s policy of no pets in the condo. She insisted that she would keep her kitten in her room, or out on the patio while she was out. I reluctantly gave in and tolerated the kitten’s presence, but made it known that I couldn’t stand to have a cat living in the condo.

Looking back on this unfavorable living situation, I laugh now to realize that years have passed, and only was I reminded of that cat when I came across some cat jewelry at a store showcase. When I viewed the various designs of cat jewelry in necklaces, pendants, and bracelets, I thought of my cat lover roommate. Could we have made a compromise, giving the cat a new home, and getting my roommate some cat jewelry []? If I could have gone back to that situation, I would have convinced my roommate that cat jewelry is a much better alternative than taking care of a real one. Here is why.

Cat jewelry doesn’t give you allergies: Some people are just allergic to cats, or they say they are because it’s a relevant excuse to get rid of them. Some may be more partial to other animals like dogs. Especially if you’re in a roommate situation, having cats in the home is not accommodating if others are allergic. Be considerate of your roommates and resort to your love for cats by wearing jewelry.

Cat jewelry doesn’t require maintenance: Compared to most animals, cats are pretty low maintenance when it comes to taking care of them. However, when you are very busy, an extra duty to tend to your cat can be tiresome. With cat jewelry, the only maintenance appreciated, but not required, is to have a jewelry box to store all of your jewels. For college students, your living situation is mobile, which doesn’t give your cat a stable home.

Cat jewelry is a pretty accessory: Celebrating your love for cats can be displayed in various designs of necklaces, bracelets, pendants, earrings and rings. Wearing your cat jewelry is an expression of your love for the animal. In public places where you are prohibited from having animals around, you won’t be condoned for sporting around your cat accessories. For this reason, freely express your love for cats and make a fashion statement with your cat jewelry.

Comparing cats to cat jewelry might be like comparing apples to oranges- you can’t really compare the pros and cons, they are just different. But when it comes to the consideration of other people, like roommates, opt for cat jewelry to avoid the disagreements and confrontation.

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